MILAN, ITALY – Cimbria has unveiled its new SEA.IQ multispectral vision system at the IPACK-IMA fair this week in Milan, Italy.

Cimbria developed SEA.IQ in its Italian business unit, which produces a range of high-quality sorters known worldwide as SEA. The SEA.IQ allows operators to identify the correct order of elements during production with the best definition. 

Engineered by Cimbria, SEA.IQ is the product of longstanding technical experience, high industry standards, in-depth research and meticulous developmental processes, the company said.

“Customers need ever-increasing final product quality, which requires perfectly sorted raw materials in the right color, nature and shape,” said Michela Pelliconi, business area manager at Cimbria. “SEA.IQ is the most technologically advanced solution because it includes the most recent and complex vision systems and combines them, perfects them, and provides the best possible results in terms of purity and reject concentration. SEA.IQ is the result of decades worth of experience in the sector. This experience has allowed us to develop very sophisticated management software, made intuitive and easy to use by the operator.”

The optical sorter consists of exceptional multispectral camera technology. This technology works with visible material, ultra-violet and the near-infrared spectrum according to sorting requirements and subsequent configurations. It can identify any material or color difference based on the exact color and shape. In this way, it selects visible impurities and foreign elements and excludes bacteria, toxins, fungi and other contaminants with absolute precision and always with the maximum possible waste concentration.

“SEA.IQ is the ultimate inspection system, with advanced camera and sensor technology combined with tailor-made software,” Pelliconi said. “Our excellent service organization offers support at every stage of the project, during installation and after-sales. We guarantee a solution and a truly tailored service to meet the needs of every customer.”

Cimbria, based in Thisted, Denmark, is a world leader in industrial processing, handling, and storage of cereals and seeds, as well as animal feed, food, and other bulk products.