UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Bühler will build a new oat mill from Suomen Viljava in Finland.

Installation of the mill will start in September 2022 with operations starting in 2023. In addition to groats and flakes, the mill will produce oat hulls pellets for the Baltic rim countries’ feed and biofuel markets.

“Viljava has been planning an oat mill to Rauma for a long time and we are convinced that the cooperation with Bühler in this ambitious project will support us to reach our business goals,” said Pasi Lähdetie, chief executive officer of Suomen Viljava.

The Oat Mill Finland Oy will be installed in a strategic area in the port of Rauma on the West Coast of Finland. The deep-sea container port has direct railway connections to the east to China.

Bühler will deliver a package of fully engineered solutions to Suomen Viljava, which includes the cleaning, dehulling, kilning, cutting, and flaking, bagging, and load out. The entire line will be controlled by the Mercury Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Bühler’s full factory automation system that integrates plant control and processes to increase efficiency and traceability.

Bühler digital solutions also play a key role in improving productivity and reducing operating costs. Service modules such as Yield Management System (YMS), Error and Downtime Analysis (EDA), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Bühler Insights Replay will be fully integrated in the high-tech oat mill.

“This project offers us a unique opportunity to craft a customized and highly efficient solution to Viljava’s new plant while implementing the mill in an already existing building, taking advantage of the infrastructure already available,” said Mathias Hannsbauer, head of business segment oat at Bühler Group. “We save resources while offering the most technological and advanced solutions in the area.”