ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Alapala recently completed a renovation of Toshkent Don Mahsulotlari’s oldest flour mill in Uzbekistan.

The mill is under the umbrella of O’zdonmahsulot Group and started operations in the 1930s with a 500-tpd flour mill. Later it opened a 200-tpd flour mill and a 10-tph feed mill.

 O’zdonmahsulot AK Group has a total of 58 flour mills, 114 bakery stores, 46 pasta lines, 45 feed mills, and 2 grain storage complexes throughout the country.

Alapala replaced all of the mill’s equipment with modern technology. The facility has two 250-tpd lines for hard and soft local wheat. Bakery flour is produced for local distribution in the Tashkent region.

The mill operates with an advanced automation system that allows centralized monitoring of complete intake, cleaning, milling and packaging processes. The system also brings the remote connection advantage for instant technical assistance, error diagnosis, and troubleshooting.