CORUM, TURKEY — Alapala recently completed an expansion of a milling plant for Bektemir Spirt in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The company is one of the most important brands in Uzbekistan for alcohol-based products. The expanded facility, with a milling capacity of 200 tonnes per day, produces alcohol from wheat.

Alapala completed the mill project in 14 months, and the plant opened on March 29. This is Alapala’s first mill project in Uzbekistan to provide raw materials for alcohol-based products.

“With this plant, Bektemir will be able to produce higher quality potable alcohol at international standards and ethyl alcohol for use in the industry,” said Görkem Alapala, chief executive officer of Alapala. “In addition to being a first for us, we believe that Alapala’s signature in such an important work will lead us to the top manufacturers among European and other producers. We demonstrate our quality and capability in every project we perform.”