BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI, US — Fike Corp. announced its new explosion isolation flap valve, Fike DFI, will be available for orders Q4 2020 in sizes up to DN800 (32 inches).

After earlier development of its ValvEx flap valves up to size DN400, Fike has now achieved safe passive explosion isolation up to DN800, thereby offering new attractive possibilities for safe powder and bulk dust handling process industries.

During a deflagration, DFI reliably isolates pressure and flames from interconnected equipment. Its unique, lightweight-dual-flap mechanism allows the device to close quicker, meaning it may be installed closer to a vessel, such as a dust collector.

“Fike's experience with traditional single-flap designs showed that they do not scale efficiently to larger diameters,” said Andrew Tworek, senior mechanical engineer team leader at Fike. “Heavier and more robust flap, shaft and latch assemblies react slower to deflagrations and impart greater collision loads at the sealing interface. A dual-flap design enables the assembly to be lighter weight, faster reacting, and ultimately a more reliable and cost-effective solution for large-diameter passive isolation.”

DFI was tested to exceed EN16447 requirements and simulate conditions it may experience during a real industrial deflagration by:

  • Including a pipeline on the protected side of the flap valve with additional dust injectors (not required by EN16447).
  • Retaining flaps in an open position precisely until ignition or flow reversal (otherwise, the flap valve is not realistically challenged by the pressure and flames).
  • Using explosion vent panels instead of open venting ports (pressure and flames escape through the ports rather than challenge the flap valve).

The dual-flap isolation valve is designed for installation in both vertical and horizontal orientations, close to bends and near vessels due to the fast-closing flaps. Furthermore, because of its resistance for pressures up to 1.5 barg and effectiveness against a variety of combustible dusts, including ST1, ST2, light metal and low MIE dusts, Fike DFI is suitable for nearly every industrial application.