CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, US — REMBE introduced Q-Ball E for flameless explosion venting using a flame quenching filter.

This prevents flames from escaping and minimizes the effects of the explosion pressure to an insignificant level. The typical increase in pressure and noise that accompanies an explosion within a building is reduced to an almost imperceptible minimum. Furthermore, the flame quenching filter acts as a particulate retention device so no hot embers are released into the surrounding area, thus protecting both employees and machinery.

Primarily designed for elevators, the Q-Ball E ensures maximum venting efficiency due to the newly developed principle of “full body” flameless venting.

This new design increases the effective vent area of each flameless vent thus reducing the number of units required.

Q-Ball E does not require platforms and elaborate reconfigurations as it is equipped with an integrated signaling unit that alerts the process control system the moment the explosion vent has opened. 

The design is characterized by another new feature: the extremely low weight of the Q-Ball E. Competitive products with comparable performance will easily weigh twice as much or more. This feature makes the Q-Ball E well suited for installations on components with limited strength and accessibility.

 The Q-Ball E is available in three sizes that are designed to fit elevator specifications. Additionally, a sanitary cover can protect the Q-Ball E against humidity and dust whether indoors or outdoors.