WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — G3 Ltd. has opened a grain export terminal at the Port of Vancouver on Canada’s west coast.

The terminal has a storage capacity of 180,000 tonnes and receives and ships a variety of grains and oilseeds. It can receive up to three 150-car trains on its loop track. The terminal’s dock can accommodate vessels up to Capesize, and its three large ship loaders move grain on board at up to 6,500 tonnes per hour.

“G3 began with the vision of building a more efficient path from farmers’ fields to global markets,” said Don Chapman, president and chief executive officer of G3. “We are very proud to see this vision become reality at G3 Terminal Vancouver, thanks to the safe and efficient work of our contractor Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co. and with the help and cooperation of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.”

For the last several months the facility has been taking in Prairie grain by rail and loading it onto ships. The facility is now in commercial operation.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, G3 said it is setting aside plans for a grand opening event at the G3 Terminal Vancouver.

“We will miss the opportunity to celebrate with our customers, partners and other guests but ensuring health and safety is of prime importance,” Chapman said. “Staff is working at the facility with physical distancing and hygiene measures in place.”

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