VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLOMBIA, CANADA — G3 Terminal Vancouver has completed its biggest concrete projects and has moved on to steel.

The grain export terminal is under construction in North Vancouver. Concrete is being poured for foundations, roofs and building floors. But crews have finished pouring all the main structures, including 48 grain silos.

Work now moves onto thousands of tonnes of steel to complete the silos, scale and cleaning buildings and other structures, and install equipment. It includes supports for the system of conveyors that will carry grain from where it’s unloaded from trains, through weighing, cleaning and storage, and finally into ships for export.

Much of the structural steel is arriving by water instead of by road, to avoid causing traffic disruption in the area.

A big delivery this summer: the massive scales for weighing grain. The two scales can each continuously weigh 3000 tonnes of grain per hour.

G3 Terminal Vancouver is a next-generation grain export terminal, and the first to be built in Vancouver since the 1960s.

It will include a railway loop track that will accommodate three 134-car trains and unload them in continuous motion — allowing them to return to the Prairies for another load and keep the grain moving.

G3 Terminal Vancouver is expected to start taking in grain in 2019 and be fully operational in 2020.