HIROSHIMA, JAPAN — Satake Corp. completed a rice processing plant in Dong Thap, Vietnam, for Vinaseed.

Vinaseed’s latest rice processing line is capable of processing 14-tonnes of paddy per hour. Satake supplied most of the core processing components such as abrasive milling machine VTA, polisher KB, and optical sorter RGBR.

Vinaseed selected Satake as the main equipment supplier due to its “total engineering,” capable of not only designing the system based on time proven know-hows but also provides all grain processing related solutions to process higher quality and to benefit customers.

“Satake’'s expertise and technology have resulted in better appearance and yield of the rice we process,” Vinaseed officials said. “This higher quality rice will help us compete in overseas market.”

Vinaseed, a part of Pan Group, is the largest company in the Vietnam seed industry, holding 20% of the domestic market share. The company also produces and distributes rice for both domestic consumption and exports.