HIROSHIMA, JAPAN — Satake had a seminar on its new semi-assembled rice processing system, REACH, Oct. 14 at the Starcity Hotel in Kedah, Malaysia.

The seminar was attended by 40 participants from existing rice millers who have middle-scale rice milling plant (5 to 10 tph) to process domestic and imported rice.

“Many were interested in the real-time yield monitoring system,” said Kazutaka Baba, sales representative from Satake. “In Malaysia, the rice distribution price is fixed, so margin is limited. Therefore, there is a strong demand for generating profit by reducing product losses and increasing yield.”

REACH provides for stable operation by optimizing the rice milling plant using Satake’s total engineering approach, built up from over 120 years of experience.

Satake supplies the REACH system as a package from a single manufacturer, reducing auxiliary equipment such as pipes, tanks etc. As a result, it minimizes any unnecessary damage to the final product, white rice. The process utilizes a tank-less system for its rice milling section. This allows for more consistent flow of the brown rice and stabilizes the whiteness of the final product.

The optional real-time yield monitoring allows rice mill owners to monitor the yield of the milled rice in real time. The system seamlessly calculates the amounts of the brown rice going into the rice milling machinery as well as the discharging milled rice, resulting in easier forecast of revenue and profit.

REACH is a semi-assembled rice milling plant incorporating all receiving, pre-cleaning, husking, milling, optical sorting, and packing stage equipment. It is designed to maximize the installation efficiency and cost performance by utilizing unitized components manufactured in Satake’s Thailand production facility.

The result is a two-week onsite-installation time compared to the usual three to four months. For regions where they experience multiple harvests annually, this will allow rice mill owners to start up a production line before the next harvest season and maximize investment return.

The line-up currently consists of SYSTEM 7.0 and SYSTEM 3.0, delivering 7.0 and 3.0 tph paddy processing capacity respectively.

Satake plans to hold similar seminars in Asia and Africa regions to further promote the efficiency and benefits of REACH.