HAMBURG, GERMANY — Stern Wywiol Gruppe reorganized tasks within the management board, effective Oct. 1.

All companies and brands of the Food Ingredients Division will be brought together in the management board under Matthias Moser, who already heads the companies Hydrosol, SternEnzym, OlbrichtArom and hs Additives.

Lennart Kutschinski is leaving the management board of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and the divisional management of the brands Mühlenchemie, SternVitamin and DeutscheBack.

Kutschinski will act as a consultant on issues affecting the entire group of companies, including the expansion in particular.

From January 2020 on, Hendrik Begemann will take over Kutschinski's tasks at Mühlenchemie as the new global head of Business Unit. Begemann is currently managing director of the Mexican foreign branch Stern Ingredients Mexico.

“With this new structure, the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe is ideally equipped to continue its story of growth,” said Torsten Wywiol, chief executive officer. “The company and the owner family Wywiol are personally grateful to Lennart Kutschinski for the services he has rendered nationally and internationally over the past 25 years in expanding the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. We appreciate him enormously, both as a colleague and as a person, and we are very pleased that he will still be at our side in the future. Matthias Moser, an experienced manager from our own group, takes over the operative responsibility for our Food Ingredients companies. As managing director, he recently successfully developed several units and was instrumental in expanding our market position.”