KALISPELL, MOINTANA, U.S. — CHS Mountain West Co-op plans to stop operating its grain elevator in downtown Kalispell this week as it prepares to move to a new location, according to the Daily Inter Lake newspaper.

The soon-to-be shuttered elevator has been in operation since 1908. For the past few weeks, CHS has been getting the old grain out of the downtown elevator and transitioning its new product to the Glacier Rail Park facility, according to the Daily Inter Lake.

Mark Lalum, general manager of CHS Mountain West Co-Op, told the newspaper that 95% of the grain from the old elevator has been emptied.

He said the new CHS site will include steel grain bins with 470,000-bushel storage capacity and a 4,700-ton capacity fertilizer plant, both strategically situated with access to a 54-car railroad track operated by Mission Mountain Railroad.

CHS Mountain West expects to handle approximately 11,000 tons of fertilizer and move 1.7 million bushels of various grains annually through the facility, according to the company’s website.

The site also will include product warehouse space and an ag supply retail store, bringing the three CHS Mountain West locations in Kalispell onto one campus.