YETTER, IOWA, US — A structural failure in a concrete grain silo on March 1 at a Landus Cooperative facility in Yetter, Iowa, resulted in adjacent railroad tracks being covered in fallen debris and grain.

Landus Cooperative reported no injuries and said crews were working to clean up fallen debris and anticipated railway blockages to be cleared in a matter of hours. 

As a result of the structural failure to the northwest-facing bin, a large portion of the concrete wall fell to the ground while a train was being loaded on site around 4:30 a.m. Landus Cooperative said there was no fire risk, and no first responders were needed.

The company noted that only one of three grain receiving pits was impacted by the damage to this bin. It said the site should be ready to receive customer grain on March 2.

According to Sosland Publishing’s 2022 Grain & Milling Annual, the Yetter facility has grain storage capacity of 3.1 million bushels.