BOMADERRY, AUSTRALIA — The Manildra Group shut down its Shoalhaven Starches facility in Bomaderry, Australia, on May 27 due to smoldering pelletized stockfeed in a silo.

Employees were evacuated and no injuries were reported. The site was closed until further notice.

“Our primary concern is always for the health, safety and well-being of our employees and the local community,” the company said. “Manildra Group is cooperating with Fire Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW); and a precautionary exclusion zone has been established surrounding the silo.

“We remain committed to maintaining the highest workplace health and safety standards for our employees and the Bomaderry community.”

The Shoalhaven facility is one of the largest wheat starch and gluten plants of its kind in the world. It operates in conjunction with the company’s ethanol plant.

The facility recently received a A$44.45 million government grant for energy efficiency upgrades.