MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — Thirty-five participants from eight countries participated in Kansas State University’s  IGP Institute Regional Agricultural Production Course (RAPCO) geared toward feed to learn more about feed manufacturing and the U.S. soy industry. It was held for the Latin America’s office of the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC) during Sept. 24-27.

“The goal of this course is to help U.S. buyers to improve their feed manufacturing productivity, optimize their processing and increase their knowledge on everything that involves soybean meal quality, storage and handling, and all the different attributes that makes U.S. soybean meal better for increased animal performance,” said Carlos Campabadal, IGP Institute feed manufacturing and grain quality management outreach specialist.

Participants were able to complete an online course on basic topics in manufacturing before traveling to the IGP Institute to attend the advanced course. Once on campus, participants were able to learn about an array of topics, ranging from ingredient quality to new technologies in feed manufacturing.

In addition to listening to lectures, participants were able to join in hands-on activities. Magda Cano, production assistant for Grupo Toledano, Panama, said collaborating with other participants was a beneficial way to apply their knowledge.

“The tips and advice from the other participants in the course who have similar processing in their countries was very beneficial,” Cano said. “We were able to share with each other our own experiences on how to improve and apply our styles in order to best fit with what we’re doing in our mills.”