ASSUMPTION, ILLINOIS, U.S. — GSI’s new 30-foot diameter Z-Series bin with Flexwave Technology is now available from its dealer network for the 2019 harvest.

The new model has up to 21 rings of 4-inch corrugation with up to 47,000 bushels of storage capacity.

It features a bin cleanout system that uses large liners that inflate and deflate to gently remove residual grain after a bin is emptied.

This technology provides over 99% cleanout, GSI said, and eliminates the need to enter a bin to sweep or shovel out remaining grain.

Z-Series Bins, introduced last fall in an initial 24-foot diameter model, are a higher-capacity and more cost-effective alternative for similar-sized hopper tanks with cone bottoms, GSI said.

GSI also plans a 36-foot Z-Series Bin allowing up to 21 rings with 68,000 bushels of storage capacity that will be available from dealers during the fourth quarter of this year.