TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — As part of its Environment Plan, the Canadian province of Ontario plans to require gasoline be blended with 15% ethanol as early as 2025.

In addition, the Greener Gasoline regulation seeks to reduce emissions without increasing the price at the pump, based on current ethanol and gasoline prices.

“With hard work, innovation and commitment, we will ensure Ontario achieves emissions reductions in line with Canada’s 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Paris Agreement,” said Rod Phillips, minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. “We will tap into the resourcefulness and creativity of our diverse and thriving private sector by helping them invest in and develop clean solutions to today’s environmental challenges.”

Agriculture groups, including Growth Energy, U.S. Grains Council (USGC), and Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), said it was a huge milestone for Canada and Ontario.

“Ontario recognizes the important environmental, economic and health benefits that ethanol provides and we look forward to seeing this plan become a reality by 2025,” the groups said.

 Last year, Growth Energy and the USGC submitted comments to Canada’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, urging them to look beyond E10 at higher blends like E15, and welcomed the commitment from the Ontario province to move from a 5% blend to a 10% ethanol fuel blend by 2020.

 The full Ontario Environmental Plan can be found here.