SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Brazil’s mandatory blend of biodiesel will remain at 10% until March 31, 2023, Reuters reported, citing the Mines and Energy Ministry.

From April, it will be increased to 15%. However, Brazil’s next government takes office in January, and it could change the decision.

Brazil’s National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) said biodiesel produced by any technological route of production may be part of the mixture. This could include Petrobras’ R5 diesel, which is co-processed with vegetable oil in a 95% to 5% ratio.

ANP, which regulates Brazil’s oil, gas and biofuels, would have to approve the biodiesel used in the blend.

About 70% of the country’s biodiesel is produced from soy oil. With a 15% mandate, the total soybean demand for biodiesel would increase to about 30 million tonnes in 2023.