THISTED, DENMARK – As part of its order for a new grain terminal for Lantmännen Lantbruk in Uppsala, Sweden, Cimbria is installing its newly developed ECO-Logic continuous flow dryer.

The dryer features include automatic operation control, and variable heat recovery of dry air and dust extraction are emphasized in the integrated dust separator type Dust Guards.

Lantmännen did not want the ECO-Logic dryer heated by fossil fuels such as oil and gas, so direct electric heating was chosen, something new in grain dryers of this size.

The heating method has many advantages, not least regulating, while at the same time ensuring a good and very even distribution of heat throughout the drying process. These advantages are significant in particular for the size of the plant, which has a capacity of more than 100 tph.

The fans for aspiration and recirculation are equipped with frequency converters, so that the power consumption of the large fans is controlled according to the exact requirements. The dryer is equipped with automatic control of the recirculation zone, which is controlled gradually depending on the product, as well as the temperature and humidity of the grain and dry air.

The dryer installation will be ready for commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2018.

ECO-Logic is manufactured in standard capacities covering drying requirements from 20- to 250-tph wheat based on a moisture reduction of 19%-15% and is capable of drying all major cereals. Larger capacities are available upon request.

For the ECO-Logic dryer, a hot air mixer was designed by utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and this air mixer ensures a maximum +/- 5˚ C tolerance of the drying air.

The discharge device of the dryer column ensures an even discharge of the grain across the entire outlet area of the dryer.

The ECO-Logic grain mixing device has been designed to redirect the hottest grain so that it changes place with the colder and wetter grain at the colder part of the dryer  to ensure even drying of the grain.

In general, the new dryer is approximately 20% more efficient than a traditional dryer such as the A-dryer and 10% more efficient than a dryer like the ECO-Master.