Silos Cordoba completes grain terminal at port of Antwerp Belgium
Silos Cordoba completed a turnkey grain terminal at the port of Antwerp in Belgium.
Photos courtesy of Silos Cordoba.
ANTWERP, BELGIUM – Silos Córdoba recently completed a turnkey grain terminal at the port of Antwerp, Belgium.

The facility includes 37 grain silos, which rise a few meters above the water, for storage of malt and barley. The total capacity is more than 20,000 tonnes.

The new storage facility features specially reinforced silos for high grain transfer and flow rates, along with a variety of accessories to preserve the quality of grain, such as ventilation, a temperature control system, level sensors and more, Silos Córdoba said.

The company developed and supplied several structures that are fully adapted to the project needs, such as a stair tower, wide catwalks and different types of supports.

Silos and structures were manufactured in Silos Córdoba’s facilities and are made of S350GD steel and a Z600 galvanized coating, that can reach S600GD in some of the silos’ reinforcements.

In addition, the silo’s roof is made of Promag steel, which combines zinc, aluminium and magnesium in its composition, thus offering a longer life cycle, with protection against corrosion in this saline and industrial environment, Silos Córdoba said.

The assembly was done entirely by Silos Córdoba’s team of Assembly and Technical Supervision Department, which makes such a specific facility even more reliable, taking into consideration even the smallest details.

The port is Europe’s third largest seaport, after Rotterdam and Hamburg, handling 15,000 commercial vessels annually, plus 57,000 inland barges, some of them exceeding 100,000 tonnes. Its location, 80 km inland, places maritime cargo deep into the European continent.