Silos Cordoba
CORDOBA, SPAIN — Silos Córdoba Group announced in March its new corporate image that will be deployed across all the organization’s activities in the coming months, including a new website and branding on all silos and industrial facilities.

The Silos Córdoba Group started work on the rebranding last year, wanting to incorporate its increasing size and strength. It said the new image aims to convey its steady international expansion over the past 20 years. The company now exports its products to more than 45 countries in four continents with offices in Argentina, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Romania, Uruguay, India and Nigeria, and a network of distributors in 37 countries.

This image change also includes greater cooperation between all companies and the creation of an “ideas transfer” group, through the collaboration of the different companies of the group. Global operations have been merged into a single entity and there has been a move to centralized human resources, finance and marketing services.

The redesign of the Silos Córdoba Group logos, by Juan Clemente Design, aims to update the old image, capturing the new phase of the group, its communication strategy, and positioning it as a first class international entity in a solid, recognized and coherent way, the company said.

The new branding respects as much as possible the current image of an established company, but, still responds to the needs of modern times and new technologies.