Course participants will learn about various equipment including extensographs. Photo courtesy of Brabender.
MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. — The IAOM-KSU Flour and Dough Analysis training course will be offered on Aug. 21-23 at the International Grains Program Institute Conference Center at Kansas State University. A full schedule of topics is planned to educate professionals on flour and dough testing practices and methods and correct interpretation and understanding of the results.

The course will bring in experts from the industry’s equipment manufacturers and suppliers to teach various parts of the course. These companies include: Brabender, Charm, Chopin, Foss, and Perten.  Experts from Kansas State University, AIB International and USDA also will assist with teaching portions of the course.

Course topics include: Farinograph; Extensograph; Amylograph; AlveoLab; SRC; RVA; falling number; NIR; manual ash; starch damage; PH//TTA; Glutomatic; LECO protein; Rheo F4; DoughLAB; DON/Mycotoxin; GlutoPeak; crumb and spread; baking systems and browning reactions; moisture and blending calculations

Cost of the course is $900 for IAOM members and $975 for non-members.

Registration information can be found here.