MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. —  The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) is hosting a course with a focus on a basic understanding of electrical safety.

The GEAPS 542: Electrical Safety Grain and Processing Facilities online course teaches how electrical safety relates to the hazards of fires and explosions in grain facilities; and the different safety standards for lighting, motors and equipment.

“As a supervisor, this course helps identify and address electrical issues in the plant,” and Donnie Estes, safety and production supervisor at Land O’Lakes. “I am not an electrician, but the course helped me learn some of the regulations and requirements. It also helps me understand and identify electrical equipment.”

The GEAPS/Kansas State University Distance Education Program course will be held May 29-June 29 and registration is currently open and closes May 22. 

GEAPS 542 is one of four courses required for the Specialist Credential in Property and Causality Risk Management. For more information on the Distance Education Program, the Credential program or other courses, visit the program website.

To register for the course, click here.