BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — While the value of total E.U. agri-food exports in November 2017 were up €1 billion from a year ago, wheat and other cereals experienced the biggest drop in value

terms on an annual basis.

The value of E.U. agri-food exports in November was €12.7 billion, up nearly €1 billion from a year ago, according to the latest monthly trade report from the European Commission.

Wheat for the year was down 29% to €4.1 billion while other cereals was down 15% to €1.68 billion.

With E.U. agri-food imports reaching a monthly value of €10 billion, the monthly trade balance now stays at about €2.7 billion.

Looking at product categories, the highest increases in import values over the last 12 months were recorded for palm oil (up 22%), fatty acids (up 56%), oilseeds other than soybean (up 26%) and for unroasted coffee and tea (up 9%).

However, import values decreased in particular for cocoa beans (down 14%), soybeans (down 6.5%) and meat preparations (down 9%).

The value of November 2017 agri-food imports compared to November 2016 increased most for E.U. imports from Brazil, Indonesia and Ukraine, and to a lesser extent, India. The value of imports from the United States went down the most.