Port of Lincoln on the southern edge of Eyre Prninsula 682 km from Adelaide
Viterra has shipped the most through the Port of Lincoln with the Outer Harbor running a close second. 
SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA – Viterra has hit 7 million tonnes in bulk grain exports for the 2016-17 season as it continues to move South Australia’s record-breaking crop.

This is the largest total shipped in five years from the Viterra network and along with another million tonnes moved in containers and for domestic customers, demonstrates the ability of the company to move a record crop.

Michael Hill, group operations manager, said the bulk shipping milestone showed the high regard for South Australian grain globally.

“We work hard to encourage customers from all over the world to buy their grain from South Australia,” Hill said. “South Australia is an export state and competes with all the other grain growing regions in Australia and globally. About 80% of the crop is exported and this year Viterra loaded over 200 vessels, shipped to 25 different countries for 11 different exporters.”

Viterra has shipped the most through the Port of Lincoln with the Outer Harbor running a close second.  

“In the process we achieved exceptionally low vessel wait times (from when the ship arrives to when loading starts) – making it really attractive for exporters to source their grain from South Australia along with our ability to meet their increasingly tighter quality requirements,” Hill said. “Port Lincoln has been our busiest port this season, shipping 2.3 million tonnes of grain. Outer Harbor is next with a total of 1.8 million tonnes.”

On the eve of this year’s South Australian grain harvest, Hill said Viterra was well-prepared to receive the crop.

“Wheat and barley are of course our largest cereals received, but lentil hectares have increased again and canola hectares are up as well,” he said. “We work closely with growers across the state to ensure our segregations and services meet their needs. This year we have introduced a new declaration process for growers to help ensure market access and maintain South Australia’s solid reputation for clean green and high-quality grain.”

Viterra recently launched its new company and Ezigrain websites with the goal of making it easier for growers and buyers to conduct business, Hill said.

“We are well-prepared for the season and have invested millions of dollars into our sites with the latest in grain receival technology being installed at Tumby Bay, new weighbridges at Thevenard and Brinkworth, new receival equipment across the network and much more,” Hill said.