Viterras bulk loading facility at Port of Lincoln
PORT LINCOLN, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA – Viterra Australia’s Port Lincoln terminal has reached 2 million tonnes of grain shipping in its busiest October to July period in five years. This achievement, coupled withgrain shipped from Thevenard, has helped the Eyre Peninsula set a new record for total grain exports. 

More than 2.63 million tonnes of grain has been shipped from the region in 2016-17. 

James Murray, operations manager for the Western region, said strong production, demand and an efficient supply chain had all contributed to the record. 

“Following the largest-ever harvest, the efficiency of the Viterra supply chain and hard work from employees and strategic partners has also helped the Eyre Peninsula achieve these record exports,” Murray said. “This is the Port Lincoln terminal’s busiest October to July period since 2011-12 and third-busiest ever. 

“Strong grain exports will continue from Port Lincoln for the remainder of the year. “Shipping capacity at Port Lincoln is very highly sought after by exporters which provides long-term benefits for growers.” 

Viterra’s total grain exports for 2016-17 have now reached 6.15 million tonnes. Port Lincoln’s milestone was passed on July 21 with a 55,000-tonne cargo of wheat being loaded on the Golden Trader vessel on behalf of Glencore Agriculture, headed for Indonesia. 

David Fleming, Glencore Agriculture’s field officer on the Eyre Peninsula, said Indonesia was the biggest buyer of Australian wheat.

“About 20% to 25% of all Australian wheat goes to Indonesia,” Fleming said. “They use it mainly for noodles, flour and bread,” David said. “We enjoy close relationships with growers on the Eyre Peninsula and are committed to connecting them with end-use customers for all their commodities.”