Pipeline Foods
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Pipeline Foods, LLC has acquired two grain elevator facilities in Saskatchewan, Canada: a 3,500-tonne facility in Wapella and a 4,000-tonne facility in Gull Lake. Minneapolis-based Pipeline Foods is a global organization developing sustainable supply chains in agriculture with a focus on non-bioengineered/non-GMO and organic grains, oilseeds and ingredients for food and feed.

“These investments help Pipeline Foods move quickly toward our vision of building a more sustainable organic supply chain in agriculture," said Eric Jackson, chief executive officer of Pipeline Foods. “The Wapella and Gull Lake grain elevators place us right in the heart of Canadian organic grain production, provide a new channel for farmers to do business and allow us to connect this grain supply with food companies and manufacturers across the U.S.”

The two facilities will serve as primary collection points for Canadian organic grain originations in their respective regions — Wapella in the southeast and Gull Lake in the southwest. Pipeline Foods will store, screen and blend barley, corn, rye, flax, lentils, oats, peas, soybeans and wheat.

Both the facility in Wapella and the one in Gull Lake are certified organic through Pro-Cert Organic, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, which is accredited in both the United States and Canada. The two facilities are forecast to move an estimated 25,000 tonnes in 2018 with capacity expected to increase after initial capital investments are made this year.

grain transport by truck
Shipping will be via truck or rail. Wapella and Gull Lake are located along the Trans-Canada Highway and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Pipeline’s purchase of the Wapella facility includes installation of the main line rail switch, which will reconnect the facility to the Canadian Pacific Railway after being out of service for more than 15 years.

“We are very excited to have Pipeline Foods take over the elevator in Wapella and about the return of trains rolling through town to pick up grain cars,” said Sandy Hintz, mayor of Wapella. “Pipeline Foods has already been very supportive of community fundraisers and projects. The addition of staff at the elevator will create more support for our local businesses, and Pipeline Foods' big investment in elevator infrastructure will create additional tax revenue for our town.”

Blake Campbell, mayor of Gull Lake, said, “I recently had an opportunity to tour the Pipeline Foods facility and was impressed with the current operations and planned upgrades. Our local businesses keep our community strong, and we are very pleased to welcome Pipeline Foods to Gull Lake.”