The Azurit plansifter can sift and sort grist and flour-type products in wheat, rye, corn and durum wheat mills.
Photo courtesy of Bühler.
UZWIL, SWITZERLAND – Bühler has expanded its plansifter line with the addition of the small plansifter Azurit or Azurit Plus.

Azurit and Azurit Plus sift and sort grist and flour-type products in wheat, rye, corn and durum wheat mills. The small plansifters are suitable for control sifting with two fractions per stack directly after the mill or before bagging. But they can also be used for grading powdered, floury and granulate products (two to four fractions per stack).

Azurit and Azurit Plus have been designed as a double plansifter. The interior may be modified according to individual requirements. Thanks to various sieve frames configurations, the flow sheet may be adapted to the specific needs when sifting and grading different products.

The small plansifter Azurit has a compact, space-saving construction that is installed in a specially designed supporting frame. With its high throughput capacity, very high separating accuracy and small footprint, it guarantees outstanding space-performance ratio, Bühler said.

The Azurit and Azurit Plus versions of the small plansifter each have distinct interiors. The Azurit is equipped with the NOVA sieve technology with synthetic resin-coated wooden frames and wear-resistant metal insert sieve frames. This maximum sieving surface means that the NOVA sifting technology offers maximum throughput capacity with top sanitation, the company said.

The Azurit Plus model provides an additional degree of sanitation and food safety with its NOVATEC sieve stack made of food-grade plastic. This plastic interior is particularly suitable for grading and sifting wheat and durum wheat products.

The small plansifter Azurit is made of high quality materials that guarantee a long production lifecycle. The robust construction allows reliable operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

All parts in the Azurit coming into contact with products are easily accessible and therefore also easy to clean. The wide front doors enable fast and user-friendly installation and exchanging of the sieve frames.