Perten Instruments
Fairbanks Scales, Inc. has partnered with Perten Instruments for nationwide authorized distributor rights to sell Perten products.
Photo courtesy of Perten.
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, U.S. – Perten Instruments and Fairbanks Scales, Inc. announced in May a partnership giving Fairbanks nationwide authorized distributor rights to sell Perten products.

Perten is a leading supplier of advanced analytical instruments to the agricultural industries, including biofuels, grain farmers and traders, oilseed processors, flour milling and wet and dry corn processing.

Perten, a Perkin Elmer company, makes a range of moisture meters to test moisture content in agriculture products, and near infrared (NIR) whole grain analyzer instruments to measure moisture, proteins, starch, oil and fiber.

As leaders in universal grain moisture algorithm (UGMA) technology, Perten is a top supplier of USDA-certified UGMA-compatible/high frequency grain moisture meters. Perten’s UGMA-based grain moisture meters offer a rugged instrument for long instrument life and reduced downtime.

“We are extremely excited about this new partnership with Perten Instruments, which offers great symmetry with our loyal customers in the agricultural area,” said Mike Mason, regional director. “We look forward to spreading the word in the agricultural arena about superior instruments that provide total quality control of grain, flour, feed and food.”

Founded in 1830, Fairbanks Scales is a leader in the industrial weighing market. Its products range from bench, parcel, counting, floor, and truck scales to animal, railroad track, and a full range of specialty scales.