OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Agriculture Minister and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board Gerry Ritz announced on Feb. 7 the reappointments of Ian White as president and chief executive officer (CEO), and David Carefoot as a director of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB).

"I am pleased White and Carefoot have agreed to continue serving western Canadian farmers," said Minister Ritz. "As president and CEO, White has drawn on his background as a senior agribusiness executive in providing skilful leadership to the CWB. For his part, Carefoot has contributed his substantial expertise built over many years in senior financial positions in the agriculture industry."

The CWB is a shared-governance corporation operating under the Canadian Wheat Board Act. The CWB's 15-member board of directors is composed of 10 elected farmers and five appointees of the government of Canada. The president and CEO is appointed by Order in Council after consultation with the CWB. The CWB is incorporated with the objective of marketing wheat and barley grown in Canada in an orderly manner, inter-provincially and for export.

White's reappointment is for a three-year term effective March 31. Carefoot's reappointment is for a term of three years and is effective May 8.