Buhler Aeroglide
Students at a drying seminar learn to adjust air properties (temperature, humidity, velocity) and measure and quantify changes to variables, to understand how the “weather” inside the dryer can affect the overall process.
Photo courtesy of Bühler Aeroglide.
CARY, NORTH CAROLINA, U.S. — Participants will have an opportunity to learn the principles and techniques for optimal drying, regardless of make or model, during Bühler Aeroglide’s 2017 drying seminar series.

The seminars are being offered to the end of the year, in locations throughout the world. The schedule includes:
  • May 23-25 – Wuxi, China
  • June 20-22 – Braunschweig, Germany
  • Oct. 10-12 – Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.
  • Nov. 7-9 – Joinville, Brazil

Drying Theory Put to Practice explores drying basics, including parameters, balancing, evaluating, mechanical inspections and troubleshooting with a dryer simulation. It also teaches advanced drying concepts and measurement practices in a hands-on lab session combined with advance calculation methods used for dryer sizing.

“As a chemical engineer with Stahmann Farms in Queensland — a tree nut processor using many drying technologies to produce premium quality products — I was interested in a course that would help me make real changes to the business,“ said Miriam Villen Rodriguez, a past participant sponsored by the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Rodriguez said her top takeaways related to moisture uniformity, dryer evaluation and airflow.

“I believe that to improve processing capacity, product quality and energy efficiency, it is important to understand the foundations of the technology you are using,” she said.

She further explains how “large deviations force the system to over dry to maintain the batch specification and since most products are sold by weight and water is the cheapest ingredient of every product, this is an area to take into account. Knowing how to evaluate a dryer will optimize performance and troubleshooting. To obtain consistent product moisture, every piece of product should be exposed to the same airflow and temperature.”

To register and learn more, visit Bühler Aeroglide 2017 Drying Seminars here.