Brock_Gretchen Sosenheimer_business support group manager
Gretchen Sosenheimer 

MILFORD, INDIANA, U.S. -- Gretchen Sosenheimer has joined Brock Grain Systems as the business support group manager, said Mark Dingeldein, storage systems business unit general manager for the CTB Inc. business unit.

She will be responsible for sales order administration, logistics coordination with Brock’s dealers and the company’s internal shipping teams, and process improvement for those areas as well as building relationships with the dealer network, the company said.

A graduate of the College of Charleston, South Carolina, U.S., Sosenheimer has a bachelor’s of science degree and more than 20 years of experience working in customer service. Prior to coming to Brock, she was the customer service director for a manufacturer of construction, landscaping and agricultural hand tools. She also has been the customer service manager for a manufacturer of industrial pumps, blowers and vacuums and flow meters.

A native of Illinois, Sosenheimer currently lives in Pierceton, Indiana, U.S.