Nibulon said it will finish general construction work on its new transshipment terminal on May 20. 
Photo courtesy of Nibulon.

KIEV, UKRAINE – Nibulon said it hopes to start operations this June at its transshipment terminal in Bilenke, Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine.

“We are working at a fast pace and will finish general construction works on May 20,” said Oleksiy Vadaturskyy, Nibulon’s general director of construction. “We need 7 to 10 days for precommissioning works, so, we’ll put this facility into operation at the beginning of June. However, it will depend on weather conditions; that is why some changes are possible.”

Contractors have started construction of foundations for grain storages, a weighing station, and a headhouse. Metalware and fittings are being prepared for assembly.

The terminal will significantly reduce the costs for transporting agricultural commodities, and will remove 12,500 trucks per year from the roads. In addition, Nibulon said its facility will have a positive impact on legalization of the Ukrainian grain market.

“We are interested in the procedure so individuals could trade their commodity legally, without middlemen,” Vadaturskyy said. “We have an agreement with the regional administration, so that agrarians could sell grain legally. We, in turn, will pay taxes to the local budget. Everyone will benefit. We support transparent and legitimate business.”

Builders also have started constructing a canteen, a fire station and a workshop. The facilities will be located on the site of old warehouses.

The high-capacity terminal is being built with €71 million allocated to Nibulon by the European Investment Bank. As part of this cooperation, the agricultural company is reconstructing its shipbuilding and repair yard in Mykolaiv and constructing new cargo vessels. Thus, the company’s fleet numbers 56 units. NIBULON’s shipbuilders will have launched three more tugs by June 1.

The shipyard will build up to 15 vessels per year upon completion of reconstruction and modernization. Vadaturskyy said this will be one of the best shipbuilding yards in Ukraine and Europe.