Exports increased 138% to 10 million tonnes.
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – Argentina produced a record 18.3 million tonnes of wheat in 2016-17, which amounted to a 62% increase in production and a 44% increase in area sown, the Argentine minister of agroindustry reported on Feb. 23.

"This is a very important day for Argentine production, and it was achieved thanks to the efforts of the producers who responded favorably to the measures promoted by the national government,” said Minister Ricardo Buryaile. “That is why today we are announcing an increase of 7 million tonnes that mean more than 250,000 truck trips and more work for all of Argentina. We will reach 130 million tonnes of grain in the 2016-17 cycle. "

Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Ricardo Negri credited governmental measures such as elimination of export quotas and modification of marketing operations for helping the nation reach the record production.

Exports of wheat increased 138% to 10 million tonnes in 2016 from 4.2 million tonnes in 2015. Buryaile said the opening of 18 markets contributed to the increase.