GSI heat reclaimer
This patented technology separates the hot, dry air and returns it into the drying process again.
ASSUMPTION, ILLINOIS, U.S. — In 2017, Grain Systems, Inc. (GSI) will introduce an advanced heat reclaimer system that can significantly reduce energy costs – by up to 30% – in its tower dryers.

This patented technology separates the hot, dry air and returns it into the drying process again, while simultaneously taking the cold, wet air and debris and discarding it through the open bottom.

In three years of extensive testing at three sites, the heat reclaimer design was proven to reduce operating costs 9% to 30%, depending on the grain type and ambient temperature, GSI said. The testing process used identical side-by-side GSI tower dryers at two large farms in Kentucky, U.S., and Illinois, U.S., and at an agricultural co-op in Wisconsin, U.S. 

In addition to lowering energy use, the new design also addresses a drawback experienced with other heat reclaimer technologies.

“The new system controls and minimizes debris build-up in the dryer and heat reclaim shroud experienced with previous heat reclaiming systems,” said Jarod Wendt, Engineering manager, Grain Conditioning for GSI. “This not only improves drying efficiency but also results in minimal cleaning required under the reclaim area.”

Wendt said other benefits include no effect on drying capacity, no difference in how the dryer is operated or how cool the grain is when discharged from the dryer.

The heat reclaimer will be available as an optional feature in 12-, 18-, 24- and 30-foot diameters and can be easily retrofitted on older GSI tower dryers built since 2001.

“For many years, GSI tower dryers have been the leader in capacity, quality and efficiency,” Wendt said. “We’re excited to bring grain storage customers this latest advancement to help lower their energy costs and improve their bottom line.”