ASSUMPTION, ILLINOIS, U.S. — GSI announced on Feb. 22 that it is introducing new heat technology to boost the efficiency of its commercial tower dryers.

Gary Woodruff, GSI Conditioning Applications manager, said previous attempts to reclaim heat from the lower part of the dryer encountered issues with debris buildup inside the dryer and the heat reclaim shroud.

“GSI now offers a patented design that nearly eliminates these issues while reducing operating costs by 10 to 30 percent, depending on grain and ambient temperatures,” he said.

Woodruff said that this latest technology has been in development the past three years and it is the first tower dryer to separate and return hot dry air to the drying process, while cold, wet air and debris fall from the bottom.

“This allows for a system that does not accumulate debris and can reuse heat that other tower dryers cannot,” he said.

The tower dryer heat reclaimer will be available on a limited basis in 2016 and also can be retrofitted to existing GSI and Zimmerman tower dryers.  For additional information, contact your local GSI dealer or click here.