SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Fraser Grain Terminal Ltd., a joint venture of Parrish and Heimbecker Ltd. and Paterson GlobalFoods Inc., has proposed plans to build a grain export facility along the Fraser River in Surrey, British Columbia.

The proposed grain terminal would be used to trans-ship bulk grain products, including wheat, barley, oil seeds, pulses and other specialty grains with annual capacity of 4 million tonnes.

The proposed project would include the construction of 34 above-ground steel storage silos, a traveling shiploader, a semi-loop rail track, a container loading facility and storage yard, a rail and truck loading facility, and an administration building and maintenance shop.

“Our project will receive grains by rail and load the agri-products on to cargo vessels,” Fraser Grain Terminal said. “It will support Canadian farmers, increase efficiency in grain exports and build strong business relationships with customers around the world.”

Fraser Grain Terminal said it is working with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority on the project, and is currently in the preliminary review phase of the permitting process. The company is seeking public comment on the proposed grain export facility until Dec. 1.