Global Miller's Symposium
International experts on cereals and flour will discuss innovations and trends.
HAMBURG, GERMANY — The ICC (International Association for Cereal Science and Technology) and the flour specialists from Mühlenchemie are hosting the first joint Global Miller’s Symposium April 20-21, 2017, at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany.

International experts on cereals and flour will discuss innovations and trends. Research scientists and practitioners from the worldwide milling industry will come together to share their latest information and conclusions as to how the milling industry can meet the challenges of the future.

Global Miller's Symposium
Drew Lerner, president of World Weather Inc.

Keynote speakers include Drew Lerner, who will describe the impact of climate change on grain, and Fred Brouns, who will challenge the apologists of “wheat as a health risk.” Lerner is president of World Weather, Inc., and Brouns is a food and nutrition scientist from Maastricht University.

During the two-day meeting, 27 internationally acknowledged speakers will present papers with a focus on the market, grain research and quality, quality determination tools and health and fortification.

The papers will provide millers with new information and ideas on current changes and challenges in the industry, such as the increasing demand for food, cost pressure, fertilizer regulations, the effects of climate and health aspects. At the end of the first day, all the participants will find an opportunity for networking at the Global Miller’s dinner.

“We regard ourselves as a forum for all cereal technologists and cereal scientists the world over, and hope the symposium will network them on the global, national and regional levels,” said Michaela Pichler, secretary general of the ICC. The ICC is an international association for cereal science and technology. It devotes itself to international cooperation, the dissemination of knowledge and the improvement of safety and quality in the field of cereal-based foods.

 “In the context of our leading topics, we will discuss how the wealth of information from the sciences and practical experience can be used to achieve a better supply of food to the world’s population,” said Lennart Kutschinski, managing director of Mühlenchemie. “To do this, we intend to establish networks that will make a useful and long-term contribution to shaping the future of the milling industry beyond the framework of the symposium.”

Mühlenchemie is one of the world’s leading enterprises in the field of flour treatment and flour fortification. The company exports its products to over 120 countries and maintains close partnerships with more than 1,500 mills around the globe.

Registration and information on the program is available at Contact the organizers at [email protected].