JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, U.S. — Express Grain Terminals, which offers grain crushing and drying services, on Oct. 25 announced plans to invest $2 million to expand its agricultural product processing operations in Greenwood, Mississippi, U.S. The expansion will create 10 new jobs and comes on the heels of a decision earlier this year to invest $13 million and create 55 new jobs in Mississippi.

Express Grain Terminals’ expansion involves the addition of a soybean processing plant in Greenwood. The new facility will process local soybeans into soybean meal and hulls, which are then sold to the state’s animal feed markets. Additionally, the plant will produce soybean oil, which will be sold to edible oil and biodiesel refineries.

“We are excited to expand our operations in the Greenwood area to include soy processing,” said John Coleman, president of Express Grain Terminals. “We thank MDA for helping us secure sales tax and other incentives, which helped make this project a success. We look forward to serving the Mississippi agricultural community for years to come.”

In addition to the 65 new employees at its soybean processing plant, Express Grain Terminals employs another 100 at its rail terminal in Sidon, Mississippi, U.S., soybean processing and biodiesel plant in Greenwood, and grain storage location in Minter City, Mississippi, U.S.