Collaboration will focus on ways to manage stored grain pests.
PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA — Australia’s Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Murdoch University and China’s Academy of State Administration of Grain on Sept. 30 revealed details of a new partnership between the groups — the Australia-China Joint Centre for Postharvest Grain Biosecurity and Quality Research.


The new center will bring together leading researchers from both China and Australia to work on developing non-chemical controls to manage stored grain pests with the aim of reducing biosecurity and trade risks while providing clean grain.

“Global grain markets are changing and we need to change with them,” said Michael Robinson, Ph.D., chief executive officer (CEO) of the Plant Biosecurity CRC. “Established methods for stored grain pest control are facing increased pressure from both regulation and changing market preferences for non-chemical options. A major challenge is increasing insect resistance to the stored grain fumigant phosphine, a mainstay of the grains industry globally.”

Robinson added that the new partnership will assist both Australia and China in protecting domestic and international grains markets, maintaining access and ensuring food security.

“This agreement has the opportunity to sustain biosecurity research in the grains sector for the long term,” he said.

The center will be led by Professor YongLin Ren, a leader in post-harvest grains research.