UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Bühler announced on Aug. 22 the release of a new sieve fabric and cleaner. Novaprime, the sieve fabric, is a proprietary sieve fabric for Bühler’s plansifters. In the future, the company will provide a professional sieve tensioning service, increasing quality and hygiene.

Following the milling of flour and farina, the ground products are sieved in plansifters. This process separates coarse particles from finer ones and puts the bigger ones through a second grinding phase. The process is repeated until all the particles have the desired grain size, the company said. Novaprime now offers a sieve fabric that is even better aligned with the specifications and performance of various plansifter types. The bolting cloth is made of synthetic polyamide yarn. It provides maximum precision in terms of size and evenness of the mesh.

In practice, the cleaning and homogeneous covering of the frames is a complicated and labor intensive activity, the company said. For this reason, Bühler will be offering a tensioning service. Bühler said it can ensure that no adhesive residue is left on the edges of the frames. Professional tensioning of the sieve will contribute to greater food safety and also improve separation results. The sieve tensioning service will be offered through Bühler’s worldwide network of service centers.

The ideal complement to Novaprime is Novablue, the new sieve cleaner from Bühler. With its striking color and the material used, it is easy to detect, both visually and through metal detectors, which is a critical food safety feature, the company said. Novablue’s shape can replace traditional models with the same performance and completely avoids loose components in the end product.