UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Bühler has developed the LALA pick-up cleaner, a paddy pre-cleaner.

The machine consists of two core components. The first is a vibrating sieve that separates long impurities from the freshly harvested paddy, while the second is a rake unit in the back of the machine that picks up the impurities at the end of the sieve, which prevents the sieves from getting frequently clogged. The unique pick-up design allows the efficient removal of long impurities — making it the heart of the LALA pick-up cleaner.

With the highly automated LALA pick-up cleaner rice mills can save on manpower by reallocating workers previously assigned to picking up the impurities, and fewer full-time machine operators are required. This not only applies for the LALA, but also for downstream machinery.

The LALA pick-up cleaner also has a highly effective performance on wet paddy — for example at a product moisture of 28% the LALA can guarantee a throughput rate of 25 tph. Unlike other paddy pre-cleaners, the LALA has a fully enclosed design that reduces dust emissions and assures workplace safety.

The spacious design makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, however, the LALA successfully removes up to 80% of long impurities like straws and bag strings from freshly harvested paddy, preventing costly downtime caused by clogged machinery.

For even more pre-cleaning results, the LALA pick-up cleaner can be combined with a Bühler SMA screening machine. During a second pre-cleaning step the SMA then removes stones, broken grains and dust with its two sieve layers and aspiration.