ISTANBUL, TURKEY — IDMA announced on Aug. 10 that it will offer certified milling training May 3-5, 2017, during its 7th International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Feed Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition. The training will be held at the WOW Hotel Convention Center in Ye?ilköy, Turkey.

The training will consist of theoretical training and supportive demonstrations. Three different areas of grain will be discussed: flour milling, feed milling and pulses processing. The theoretical training that will be provided by expert academicians and industry representatives will be supported by demonstration, which will be prepared by technology suppliers at the IDMA Exhibition area. The training will be taught in both Turkish and English.

The training is presented during the IDMA’s expo, which is being held May 4-7, 2017, at Istanbul’s Expo Center next to the hotel where training will be held.