Anchor Ingredients
Anchor Ingredients offers grains, seeds, oils, legumes, vegetables, fruits, proteins, starches, fibers, nuts, herbs, spices, flavorings and snacks.
FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, U.S. — Anchor Ingredients Co., a Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.-based company that sources, processes and supplies ingredients to the food and pet food industries, has acquired a special crop processing facility in Buffalo, North Dakota, U.S. The company also said it has launched a new export division and completed a food safety audit.

The processing facility is located in the center of key special crop growing regions and will dramatically increase Anchor’s storage and processing capacity, the company said. The facility has access to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and is located near Interstate 94. Anchor said the additional pulse storage and processing capabilities at the Buffalo facility, in conjunction with the company’s ongoing operations in Hillsboro, North Dakota, U.S., further solidifies the company as a leading special crop origination and processing company in North Dakota.

Anchor also has created a new export division, which will be led by Raychel Cook and Dustin Kreger. Cook and Kreger both joined Anchor in mid-2016 and were previously merchants at Viterra Inc. and Columbia Grain, respectively.

On May 13, Anchor passed the AIB International Food Safety Audit. Anchor said the audit exemplifies its “continued commitment to food safety and quality at its Hillsboro facilities.”