ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, U.S. — The board of directors of the American Soybean Association (ASA) has confirmed Steve Wellman from Syracuse, Nebraska, U.S., as president and Alan Kemper from Lafayette, Indiana, U.S., as chairman.

Board members also elected Danny Murphy from Canton, Mississippi, U.S., to serve as first vice-president, an office that places Murphy in line to be ASA president in 2013.

Also elected were Randy Mann from Auburn, Kentucky, U.S., as secretary, and Bob Henry from Robinson, Kansas, U.S., as treasurer. Four vice-presidents were also elected: Ray Gaesser from Corning, Iowa, U.S.; Bob Worth from Lake Benton, Minnesota, U.S.; Richard Wilkins from Greenwood, Delaware, U.S.; and Wade Cowan from Brownfield, Texas, U.S.

These soybean farmer-leaders form the nine-member ASA Executive Committee. Elections were held on Dec. 7, during ASA’s winter board of director’s meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.

"My goals include increasing demand for soybeans and soybean products, addressing regulatory issues to keep farmers competitive globally, seeking fair farm bill provisions for growers, promoting more ag trade and continuing ASA’s leadership development programs,” Wellman said. “Global demand for soy has increased 145% since 1990 and it is anticipated demand will continue to increase. Policy including a sound crop insurance program complemented by a revenue program that does not distort planting decisions is needed to help ensure the U.S. soybean farmer can manage production and price risk while producing soybeans to meet the needs of our consumers domestically and internationally.”

Following the elections, committee assignments were announced. Public Affairs Committee Chairman Danny Murphy is joined by committee members Jim Andrew, Charles Cannatella, Ray Gaesser, Ted Glaub, Bruce Hall, Kevin Hoyer, Rob Joslin, Ron Kindred, Kevin Marriott, Eric Maupin, Matt McCrate, Lance Peterson, Robert Ross, Andy Welden, Wyatt Whitford and Richard Wilkins.

The Membership & Corporate Relations Committee Chairman is Bob Worth, with committee members Dennis Bogaards, Ron Bunjer, Sam Butler, Dean Campbell, Todd DuMond, Ed Erickson, Walter Godwin, Tim Goodenough, Dave Poppens, Tom Raffety and Jeff Sollars.

Bob Henry was appointed chairman of the Trade Policy & International Affairs Committee. Committee members are Wade Cowan, Mike Cunningham, Dan Feige, M.D. Floyd, Scott Fritz, John Heisdorffer, Mark Jackson, Randy Mann, Jim Miller, Barb Overlie, Joe Steiner, Lawrence Sukalski and Jack Trumbo.

Bob Henry was appointed chairman of the Finance Committee, with Dennis Bogaards, Ron Bunjer, Sam Butler, John Heisdorffer, Ron Kindred and Jeff Sollars serving as committee members.

The Board welcomed five new members: John Heisdorffer, Matthew McCrate, Thomas Raffety, Ed Erickson and Dean Campbell. ASA also recognized retiring directors Dan Beenken, Curt Sindergard, Kelly Forck, Warren Stemme, Jason Nelson, Ron Moore, and John Freeman.