Nicolas Dechamps, managing director of VIGAN Engineering together with the Bangladeshi delegation in VIGAN’s factory. On his right, Qamrul Islam, minister of food, and Gaziur Rahman, project director of directorate general of food.
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM —VIGAN on May `19 welcomed a delegation from Bangladesh including the Minister of Food, Qamrul Islam, and the Project Director of Directorate General of Food Gaziur Rahman. 

The Directorate General of Food of Bangladesh has a long standing cooperation with VIGAN. Two pneumatic ship unloaders were installed in the Port of Chittagong and two others were installedin the Port of Mongla together with a bulk loader i earlier this year, VIGAN said. 

The Minister of Food and the Project Director of DGF are planning more Bangladeshi investments. They are considering the use of VIGAN pneumatic unloaders for various strategic sites planned in the large modern food storage project financed by the World Bank, VIGAN said.