BANGKOK, THAILAND — With just a few weeks before FIAAP/ VICTAM/ GRAPAS Asia 2016 opens, the organizers of the event, Victam International, announced on Feb. 16 that the exhibition area is virtually sold out and that major international companies from within each show will be there.

The event is March 29-31 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The FIAAP show which profiles animal feed ingredients and nutrition has many local companies as well as well-known international suppliers such as Biomin, DSM, Kemin, Sopropeche, Tyson, Special Nutrients, Arm & Hammer, Olmix, SPF Diana, Dr. Eckel, Cargill etc.

Likewise, international industry suppliers are very well represented at the feed processing exhibition – VICTAM. Visitors will see large stands showing the latest technology from Bühler, Famsun, ZCME, Ottevanger, Andritz, van Aarsen, Wenger, CPM, Extru-Tech, Amandus Kahl, Dinnissen, Geelen, and others.

Once again the major international companies will be displaying their latest technology at the GRAPAS trade show. These include – Satake, Buhler, Alapala, Brock, Cimbria, Kay Jay Rolls, Foss, Rueter, Petkus, Cimbria, Altuntas, Chief and more.

There is a lot to see over the three days of the show. Many stands will display the latest auxiliary systems and machines. There will be bagging machines and bags, silos, conveyor systems, specialist formulation programs, elevators, dryers/de-humidifiers, elevators, buckets, and many more pieces of equipment that are necessary in a mill or processing plant.

All trade visitors are also invited to attend the 2nd ASEAN Feed & Rice Summit which takes place in the afternoon of March 30, on Level 2 of BITEC.International speakers will address the assembled delegates on a number of subjects.

The tentative program includes:

• Alexandra de Athayde, executive director, International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) – Recent developments in the global feed industry.

• Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) – The development of supply of raw materials in the ASEAN region.

• Du Van Pham, senior agricultural officer, FAO (Rice Expert) - Rice and Rice-based cropping system in ASEAN countries.

• Vinod Ahuja, livestock policy officer, FAO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific - Feed & Food Security

For the final program, click here.

There is also a series of conferences running alongside the exhibitions over the three days, on Level 2 of BITEC. The titles of the conferences are as follows:

1. Aquafeed Horizons Asia
2. FIAAP Animal Nutrition Conference
3. Petfood Forum Asia
4. Global Milling Conference with GRAPAS Asia
5. Biomass Asia
6. GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance

For further information, conference programs and secretariats, click here.

There will also be a program of technical seminars, also on Level 2, these are free to all registered visitors.

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To visit the event, you will need to register as a visitor. To register, click here. Entrance to the exhibitions is free.