MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA — CN and Ray-Mont Logistics announced on Nov. 1 an agreement to improve supply chain efficiencies and customer service for specialty grains.

The supply chain collaboration agreement is intended to improve the flow of specialty grains transshipped from rail car to terminals for bagging and bulk containerization for export via the ports of Montreal and Vancouver, Canada.

Under the agreement, Ray-Mont will operate its terminals seven days a week, while CN will switch the facilities daily and work with the grain company to ensure a suitable supply of rail cars and containers for shipments. The two parties have also agreed to monitor performance against specific indicators.

Doug MacDonald, CN vice-president, corporate marketing, said: “Consistent, seven-day-a-week operations are important to efficient, productive supply chains. CN is pleased to have reached an agreement with Ray-Mont that will help drive improved export flows via key Canadian ports.”

Charles Raymond, president and chief executive officer of Ray-Mont Logistics, said: “We have invested heavily in our facilities over the past two years to increase capacity and have worked closely with CN and our customers to improve the supply chain for specialty crops. This innovative supply chain collaboration agreement with CN will help ensure a more consistent supply of rail cars and containers to our terminals for transloading of specialty grains into containers, as well as speedier shipments of North American agricultural products to world markets. These gains should help both our company, Ray-Mont Logistics, and CN to grow their specialty crops businesses.”