UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Bühler reported on Feb. 10 that its net profit for 2015 jumped 18% from CHF 121 million to CHF 143 million ($139.47 million).

Turnover was up by 3.4% to CHF 2.4 billion, with earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) rising by 22.4% to CHF 177 million. This corresponds to an EBIT margin of 7.3% (previous year 6.2%). Currency-adjusted, Bühler grew by 7.1% and order intake, slightly down amounting to CHF 2.5 billion (-4.3%), would have remained almost stable.

Both businesses, Grains & Food as well as Advanced Materials, contributed to the turnover growth. On a regional scale, growth in North America, Southeast Asia and Middle East & Africa compensated downturns in Europe and South America. Overall, Bühler said it holds a very balanced position with its global presence: Europe comes to a turnover proportion of 28%, Asia 26%, Middle East & Africa 16%, North America 15%, South America 8% and South Asia 7%.

“These good results were only possible due to the strong dedication of our employees, their readiness to work extra hours and the comprehensive package of measures which we implemented immediately after abandonment of the Euro peg,” said Calvin Grieder, Bühler’s chief executive officer.

The sustained business development at Bühler is to be seen against a demanding economic background during 2015: Volatility of currencies, market downturn in South America, milling overcapacities in China, epidemics such as Ebola or political conflicts, the company said. Additionally, sharp drops in raw material prices for rice and grain have imposed a brake on investments. As a consequence, Bühler had to accept order cancellations of around 4% of turnover due to unsecure financing on the customer side.

The good results are therefore testimony to the sustainability of the Bühler business model, the company said, with a comprehensive solution portfolio of process technologies and a global presence in some 140 countries.

“With this set up we were able to successfully manage the risks in the different markets and regions,” said Grieder.

Bühler is well positioned in global growth markets — the processing of basic foods and animal feeds as well as advanced materials. Current megatrends such as growing world population, increasing urbanization and rising environmental awareness, all go to support the strategically excellent positioning of the Group, Bühler said.

For 2016, the company is expecting an ongoing challenging global economic and political framework. Nevertheless, Bühler said it aims to continue its growth above the market average in a corridor of 4%-5% with profitability in the range of 8%-10%. To achieve this aim, the Group will continue to optimize its operational excellence and costs base, investing in leading technologies and process solutions as well as expanding and extending its regional presence still further, the company said.