BARCELONA, SPAIN — Thomas Mielke, editor-in-chief of OIL WORLD, will provide the global outlook for the oilseed market at the second annual Oilseed Congress Europe/MENA Feb. 9-10 at the Hilton Barcelona in Spain.

Mielke will open the conference and elaborate on several forecasts from OIL WORLD, a leading global authority on independent supply, demand and price forecasts for oilseeds, vegetable oils and oilmeals, including:

-The expectation for a production deficit for vegetable oils in the current season. Stocks will decline and vegetable oil prices will appreciate under the lead of palm oil. The impacts of the palm oil production losses, anticipated in several parts of Indonesia and Malaysia in 2016, will be discussed.

-The implication that the bullishness of oils and fats is partly moderated by the ampleness of soybeans and a slowdown in the demand growth in China and several other countries caused by deteriorating economic conditions.

-That vegetable oils will gain relative to oilmeals, and while some of the adjustment has already happened, this trend will accelerate in 2016.

-That world supplies of soybeans are likely to remain ample, keeping soybean prices relatively low in the world crop season despite the fact that there are likely to be some production losses in South America owing to unfavorable conditions, primarily in Brazil.

“Despite larger than expected production in Canada, world supplies of rapeseed and canola will still decline sizably in 2015-16, primarily as a result of crop losses in the E.U., Ukraine, China, Australia and India,” Mielke said.

Mielke will be joined by speakers from around the globe at the Oilseed Congress, including David Hightower of The Hightower Report, Kevin Brassington of Noble Agri, and John Corbett of aWhere.

Learn more about the Congress at The conference is hosted by HighQuest Group and sponsored by CME Group and SGS.

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